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Investigation Confidential:

About the site and author.

Some common questions about this site and Thomas G. Martin.

What is the goal of this web site?

Garnering from his experience, Mr. Martin wishes to educate consumers on the basics of private investigation by drawing from his background and experience.

Why now?

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his 1997 book If You Only Knew, Martin made the decision to publish the book's content on this site (for free), and to update the information for the Internet generation.

Can I suggest new information for the site?

Sure. Use the contact form to send us any feedback or suggestions you may have.


Thomas Martin. President of Martin Investigative Services, and a former supervisory federal agent with the Department of Justice.

Who is Thomas Martin?

Thomas Martin is a private investigator and former supervisory agent at the Department of Justice, with more than 40 years experience. Martin is the President of Martin Investigative Services of Orange County, California.

I think I have a case. How can I reach Mr. Martin to discuss it?

The most direct way to contact Thomas G. Martin is by calling Martin Investigative Services at (800) 577-1080, or by email. You can also find Martin on Google+, Facebook and YouTube.

Is Thomas Martin available for interviews, special appearances, quotes, or interviews?

Mr. Martin makes himself available to the media for all of these reasons and more. See the media page.

Where can I see Thomas Martin in the media?

Mr. Martin maintains a list of interviews, articles, and television interviews on his web site, here.

Did Mr. Martin once train to become a priest?

Yes, Mr. Martin trained for 4 years to become a priest, before deciding to pursue a degree in Public Management.